Yaseen Kader – Smile

By Ron Bingham
Yaseen Kader

Yaseen is a personable young comedian who tells us his tale of teenage depression and therapy. He admits to suffering from no major traumas in his life, but did have some confused thoughts about an actor (Cole Sprouse) on a Disney TV show that seems to have had an unusually profound affect on him during his formative years .

Yaseen spent most of his first year at uni in bed, unable to face the world or exams, which eventually led to therapy. He recommended we all try Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but avoid Freudian psychoanalysis, so hey, with this show, you get some useful advice along with the comedy. After eventually completing his degree, he took us on a journey to New York and some of his adventures there (via Tinder), visiting all the major tourist sites and taking in movies with amusingly annoying American ladies.

The stories were well written, well told and entertaining. The small audience was well rewarded with a funny, confident, well structured and brisk show about the lighter side of depression and anxiety. The room was tiny so it may be worth buying a ticket in advance, rather than chancing the possibility of a seat, as word will soon spread about the high quality of this neat lunchtime show.

Smile is on at Gilded Balloon at the Counting House until August 28