Juliette Burton – Decision Time

By Ron Bingham
Decision Time

In Juliette’s previous shows (2013’s When I Grow Up and 2014’s Look At Me) we have learnt about her history of mental illness and how it impacted on her body image, confidence and eating habits. This year Juliette has to make a life-changing decision and she explores how difficult a decision it can be to someone who also suffers from anxiety, depression and OCD. No need to stress though, luckily Juliette is great at turning her complicated life into warm and captivating comedy.

The show starts with a short video of comedians and punters talking about difficult decisions and how they make choices. Juliette then explains her dilemma and the decision she needs to make by the end of the festival. We are treated to a family history (one word: farming), a few examples of the traumas she went through while growing up, a number of stories about her relationship with her partner (referred to as Handsome Bearded Man or HBM), and a comical look at the pros and cons of the choice she needs to make.

There are some very funny stories as well as a few heartbreaking ones, but, as ever, Juliette manages to keep the highs and lows of her life and relationship in perspective, and the final response from the audience was never really in doubt (rapt applause and a rousing positive cheer to how we would choose if we were in her position). This is a funny, thought provoking, insightful and searingly honest show which should be in a much larger room, as it will sell out. You will also receive a cool badge at the end of the show.

Decision Time is on at Gilded Balloon Teviot until August 28