Naomi Petersen – I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

By Ron Bingham
Naomi Petersen

Naomi Peterson has been trapped in the theatre for the last year. As she so succinctly explains to the audience in the opening number of her show, this is due to her fear of the outside world.

Naomi goes back in time to explain the events leading up to this self-imposed isolation through songs and stories. We learn of her love for a certain pizza chain and the traumatic loss of a pet, plus tales of well organised bullying at school, a mental breakdown at university (featuring the funniest “sexy” dance of the Fringe), a look at some of the dangers of the working world and the targeting of an audience member, with the show ending on a triumphant note.

Naomi is surprisingly  vivacious, at times perky and occasionally aggressive. Throughout the hour she treats us to a number of well sung original tunes, amusing and poignant anecdotes and traumatic tales of growing up feeling that she was not the most beautiful or talented person in school. It’s an excellent performance from a talented and beautiful young comedian and well worth experiencing.

A couple of warnings about the performance space though: the show is down some steep stairs and the seating is all backless padded benches (except the back row). Not comfortable for those with back problems and not the best venue for any audience members with mobility issues or a bit of claustrophobia but a fitting venue for this show.

I Am Telling You I’m Not Going is on at Pleasance Courtyard until August 29