5 Good Reasons to see CULL

1. Hilariously relatable for anyone whose ever been on Facebook and witnessed someone talentlessly do the cup song with conviction.

2. It stars two of the worlds most famous internet celebrities: Honor Wolff who has over 47 Instagram followers and Patrick Durnan Silva who was once banned from Twitter for cyberbullying his mother.

3. It’s conveniently early, starting at 6:00pm – so if your husband is going to see it and comes home really late, you know he’s having an affair.

4. Ticket’s are cheap!!!! So cheap in fact, that Patrick and Honor will never become homeowners… CHEAP!!!

5. Mark Zuckerberg once said “Facebook” and we couldn’t agree more. He’s famous and rich, we’re not. CULL!

CULL is on at The Courthouse Hotel (Jury Room) from September 15 to September 23.
For further information, visit the Melbourne Fringe website: