5 Good Reasons To see Paul Culliver – The Honeypot

1. This show won Best Comedy at Fringe World this year.

2. I just crashed my car yesterday, so if pity ticket-buying is your thing, I’m your man.

3. My venue is the back room of a Mexican restaurant. Or maybe it’s Brazilian. Ok, let’s go with “South American”. Anyways, it’s great food and if you fall asleep in my show because you ate too many taocs, I’ll just be impressed.

4. I’ve just become an ABC Radio presenter, which means shoving your political opinions deep down inside yourself. This show is basically all political. How will he do it?!

5. See point 1 again. Like, I was really chuffed to win, and if winning an award like that doesn’t get people like you to buy a ticket, then I literally can’t give you a better reason.

Paul Culliver performs The Honeypot  at Belleville Sept 19 – 24