5 Good Reasons to See Undercover Festival Cops

1. When Melbourne’s biggest drug dealer is also Australia’s favourite stand-up comedian, two cops will take on the comedy festival by going undercover as comedians – but they’ll have to get funny pretty damn quick.

2. You’ve probably seen this scum bucket* on stage and laughed at their scum bucket jokes… even though they’re super great! But we’ll see who’s laughing when we reveal their scummy double life, using some ‘by the book’ police work.

3. We are NOT COPS! Stop asking! We are funny comedians doing a show. Okay!

*They are actually a really really really really really nice and decent human being.

4. Move along, nothing to see here! Except the show. Go see the show, that’s an order!

5. Undercover Festival Cops starring Chris Martin and Taylor Edwards opens Monday 12th April and goes til Saturday 22nd April (No shows Easter long weekend) at Tasma Terrace.

Taylor Edwards and Chris Martin perform Undercover Festival Cops at Tasma Terrace