5 Good Reasons to see Emily Tresidder Not Your Ex

1.       Emily Tresidder is not your ex, so it’s not going to be weird and awkward. You won’t have to worry about whether she’ll notice your new hair, or your new partner. It’ll be so chill.

2.       Even if she is your ex, come to the show, it’ll provide more comedy for everyone else throughout the evening.

3.       Emily is actually real good at making the funnies, lots of people have said so, magazines, online presses, radio stations… actually… none of those are people… you get it though.

4.       Emily has followed three simple steps to get over her ex. They weren’t simple, they were really quite hard, and she didn’t really follow them, she sort of fell into them. In the end though, she’s created a really entertaining hour about it.

5.       This year Emily’s show is about her exes, 2018’s show is called Not This Audience and is going to be about previous audience’s reactions. So come see Emily’s show this year, and next year you might be in it. That’s a lie, next year’s show is called Don’t Date Me – the sequel to Not Your Ex, but either way you need to see the prequel.

Emily Tresidder is performing Not Your Ex at The Imperial Hotel