5 Good Reasons to see Late Night Letters and Numbers

1. It’s by far and away the best thing to do on Monday night at Town Hall at MICF 2017 that involves both letters and numbers… Probably… We haven’t looked through the guide to confirm this… But it’s a statistical probability. (See! Maths!)

2. It’s interactive! That’s right, you can play along if you want to and embarrass professional entertainers with your mad skills.

3. There are prizes! Sometimes! Depending on how organised Nick Caddaye (your woefully under-qualified host) is.

4. It has killer line-ups of some of the best comics from across the festival, and not just the sort of people who have breakfast radio shows and three-night seasons in 1000 seat venues; the real heart-and-soul performers who make MICF great year-in, year-out!

5. It’s fun for the whole family! Assuming your family are a bunch of fucking nerds.

Late Night Letters and Numbers is on Monday nights at Town Hall from Apr 3 – 17