5 Good Reasons to see Liam Ryan: Well That’s Disappointing

1) He is ageing nicely. This is Liam’s fourth year doing a solo show at the Comedy Festival and like a good wine he is trapped in glass, chock full of alcohol and available for purchase.

2) In a world full of disappointment you deserve a show that delivers. Probably. Or maybe you deserve less than that. I’m not your biographer. If you deserve less then take this opportunity to treat yourself. Then set your mind to self-improvement.

3) Because he can play the flute. He doesn’t want you to know that because it’s embarrassing and a curly-haired man playing the flute is just saaad.

4) People who have seen his shows have really liked them and said they’re “a Comedy Festival nugget of gold” (**** Herald Sun) and “an hour of non-stop laughs from a performer that just keeps getting better every year” (Squirrel Comedy).

5) Liam is the best friend you never had. Or asked for. Or needed. Or want to drive to the airport. Or– he’s standing right behind me isn’t he?

Liam Ryan: Well That’s Disappointing is on at The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista April 11 – 23