5 Good Reasons to See George Dimarelos Self-Sabotage

1. You’re the kind of person that is easily swayed by lists containing exactly five numbered points.

2. You met a man who offered you 5 magic beans if you give him your last cow but only if you go and watch Self-Sabotage first. You readily accepted as he laughed in a vaguely ironic manner.

3. The initials “SS” appeal to you for a strange, slightly disquieting reason

4. You want to feel better about times when you’ve screwed yourself by listening to someone talk about times when they’ve self sabotaged so badly that they’ve been mentally and physically scarred from it. Times when alcohol, pride and fear have combined into a bitter cocktail of public humiliation that they will never live down and hangs, like a shadow, over everything they do.

5. You like the poster.

George Dimarelos is performing Self-Sabotage at The Bull & Bear Tavern (not Tuesdays)

For tickets & more information check out the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website