5 Good reasons to see Gillian Cosgriff 8 Songs in 8 Weeks

1. It has a story about an abandoned Russian cruise ship in it. You won’t BELIEVE what happens next.

2. It’s music AND comedy. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one? BARGAIN.

3. There is a whole song about alternate greeting card slogans. This will be great for your future festive occasions. I bequeath these slogans to you. For free. BARGAIN.

4. The show is on at The Butterfly Club, where the staff are notoriously cool and will make you all manner of festive beverages. There is a cocktail named after me, the Gillian Just B’Cosgriff. Where else can you drink a novelty beverage based on the show you’re about to see? Puns! Booze! Treats!

5. During the show I write a song for an audience member, about anything they like. This could be YOU. Have you always wanted a song about your dog? Or about your first date? Or about that time your first date was allergic to your dog? I CAN WRITE YOU THIS SONG.

Gillian Cosgriff  performs 8 Songs in 8 Weeks at The Butterfly Club March 29 – April 9

For tickets and more info check out the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website: