5 Good Reasons To See Josh Glanc in manfül

1. I wear a full-body muscle suit during the entire show.

2. I sweat so much in the suit that during a performance in Adelaide I passed out from dehydration. The paramedics were called and one of them said that my heart rate was so high it was as if I’d just ran a “comedy marathon”. I chuckled politely. He then told me that he’s thinking of getting into stand-up. I told him I don’t really do stand-up. He told me that was the best form of comedy and I wouldn’t have passed out if I was just doing stand-up. I told him that with observations like that he should probably be a prop comic.

3. The show is full of 90s techno dance tracks, but unfortunately ‘Faded’ by Zhu and ‘Better off Alone’ by Alice Deejay didn’t make the cut. If you find a good place for them to feature in the show let’s talk.

4. Its on at ACMI which is an acronym for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. You probably knew that, but a lot of people think the ‘C’ stands for cinema, but when you ask them to tell you the phrase making up the acronym using the word ‘cinema’ they really struggle.

5. There’s singing, but not a lot of singing, one song really, but if you enjoy shows with singing, like cabaret shows, then you’ll probably really like it. But I’m sure you’ll also like it even if you don’t enjoy cabaret shows, because its not a cabaret show, its just got one song, but there’s also quite a bit dancing and lots of references to musical theatre, and confetti, but it’s not a cabaret show, i’d say its just got some cabaret ‘elements’ like music, singing, dancing, confetti, and personal story telling but it’s not a cabaret show.

manfül is on at ACMI until April 23