Rik Carranza presents Star Trek Vs Star Wars

By Lisa Clark Rik TrekVWars pic

Well yes this is a show for people who love Star Trek and Star Wars. And fans, you won’t be let down. Especially enjoyable if you have a preference, as the audience is encouraged to barrack for their favourite.

Rik Carranza shows his comedy chops up front with some excellent stand up about his relationship with the franchises and a great story about putting the show on, before introducing and explaining the proceedings. He has invited two nerdy comedians to take a side and fight for the honour of their creed. An audience member, in this case a small child, keeps the score and the audience votes. There are several rounds of; storytelling, issues debated and quiz questions answered. Crucially the audience gets to show off their knowledge with some particularly tricky trivia questions. There is nothing that geeks love more than showing off how much they know about their beloved passions.

The two comedians battling on this occasion were London comedian Ria Lina for Star Trek & David Bratchpiece from the well-known Scottish comedy clan was on the side of Star Wars. Ria has a thing for Mr Spock & David (unsurprisingly for men of a certain age) is keen on Boba Fett. Both showed their quick wit and got a lot of laughs from the audience. David got some sympathy for having to justify Jar Jar Binks and George Lucas. I was particularly impressed that most of this was pre-written and well prepared but did not feel that way, just like a really good TV game show.

Rik is a delightful, knowledgeable host who has put together perfectly balanced, relaxed live quiz show. This is a sweet, lunchtime, nerdy get together that’s fun for all ages.

Rik Carranza presents Star Trek Vs Star Wars at Heroes at Monkeybarrel

This show is free (donation) or book a seat for 5 pounds