Lauren Pattison – Lady Muck

By Ron Bingham
Lauren Pattison

Eighteen months ago, Lauren decided to move from Newcastle and attempt to build a career as a stand-up comedian in London – all whilst maintaining a long distance relationship with her boyfriend back home. Almost immediately things started to go wrong (especially when she realised there’s no money in comedy). Lauren takes us through her time in London – particularly how she has managed to survive all the adversity to come out a stronger person.

On this journey, we hear about ghosting relationships and how all her schoolmates are doing. She offers theories about what you can tell from what is in someone’s shopping basket and why people on Tinder who are just that bit too eager should be avoided at all costs. She explains why advice from audience members at comedy gigs is never very helpful and how you finalise a relationship properly. We even hear a lot of revelatory stories about how young Geordies start drinking.

Lauren may claim to lack self-confidence, but her stand-up skills are strong and her story-telling is engaging and entertaining. Her message at the end of the show is empowering and there are lots of laughs in this show. No audience participation is required (frowned upon, if anything) and there’s a fair amount of swearing.

The show was sold out, so it may be a good idea to book ahead for this one. Recommended.

Lady Muck is on at Pleasance Courtyard until August 28