Phil Wang – Kinabalu

By Colin Flaherty
Phil Wang

Phil Wang is back at the Fringe to entertain the masses with his comedy gold. He’s made a name for himself on various television programmes and the packed room reflects this. Everyone wants to witness the charm and humour of the The Wang Man!

Wang exudes a hilarious uber confidence combined with a dorky air that works a treat. Constantly referring to himself in the third person with a seemingly endless list of pun names, he teases us for not being as sophisticated as him before revealing each comic foible. His vocal cadence reminds me of a crazy eccentric gent, drawing out thoughts and syllables for maximum wackiness and hitting you with an off the wall statement.

Observational jokes are his game. Fear for pleasure, adulthood, relationships and babies are some of the topics that come under his gaze. He sneaks in a bit of gear on colonialism and racism that goes to some vaguely unpopular places but nothing too outrageous. Having Malaysian parentage allows him to get away with a lot and gives him a hilarious outsiders’ perspective. He also does it so politely and cheerfully that it’s impossible to take offence.

Kinabalu is a solid crowd pleasing hour of laughs delivered by a fascinating comedic voice. This young performer has developed a brilliant stage persona that is a joy to watch and will serve him well as he goes on to bigger things.

Kinabalu is on at Pleasance Courtyard until August 27