Scott Gibson: Like Father Like Son

By Lisa Clark P1060196

I decided to see Scott Gibson after he did a searing job hosting the GB launch. Not only was he funny and quick, but spoke the kind of truths that others are usually too nervous to say at such events. And it wasn’t just his words, he was the kind of person who is able to get laughs using a twitch of his face and the tone of his voice. He reminded me of a young, shouty Alexi Sayle.

Like Father Like Son begins with Scott’s pub type material, He works the room like a champion, getting to know members of the audience and making a lot of self-depreciating fat jokes. This gives the audience time to get settled and get to know him. Gradually he leads the audience into his personal life. Scott is planning to be a father and this show looks back at his relationships with his ne’r do well dad and grand dads.

Scott proves to be a brilliant and riveting storyteller with a lot to talk about. He also has a charming Scottish turn of phrase, like “we all need a wee greet now and then”. He starts angry and funny and then moves into rather serious territory. My only quibble with this show is that, although it never becomes maudlin, he needs to throw a few more jokes into the serious bits. He’s clearly capable and has a charming way of keeping things fairly light and understating his troubles throughout.

Like Father Like Son is a lovely, heart-warming show from a comedian who’s funny to the bones. Having won Best Newcomer last year at 32, Scott is in a sweet spot and will no doubt have a great career ahead that will be worth following.

Scott Gibson performs Like Father Like Son at Gilded Balloon Teviot 15.45