Next Best Thing – How to Be Good at Everything

By Ron Bingham

Next Best Thing

The kindest summary I can make of this show is “disappointing.” Katie Davison and Jay Bennett are young, attractive and full of energy, but the show has very little in the way of actual material. It mostly consisted of dragging people out of the audience to be in the scenes. The house lights never went down, so it felt more like a conference than a comedy show. Most of the humour was very juvenile (I need a wee, I’ve done a little poo in my pants, etc) and the actors lacked skills in improvisation and couldn’t make any emotional connection with the audience.

Sadly, it isn’t enough to be young and cute at the Edinburgh Fringe, the girls have a bit of acting talent, but it’s wasted in this show that clearly does not suit them. And if you think I’m being harsh, you should have heard some of the comments from fellow audience members as we were leaving the show.

How to Be Good at Everything is on at Pleasance Courtyard until August 28