Cambridge Impronauts – Improv Actually

By Phoebe O’Brien Impronaut pic

Cambridge University are back at the Fringe with their improv troupe the Cambridge Impronauts tackling a much loved film genre the ‘rom-com’, in their show Improv Actually.

While the mash up of rom-com and long form improv based on audience suggestions serve as an enticing backdrop to honest storytelling from the heart about matters of the heart, (which any die hard rom-com lover would drool over) it somehow isn’t enough to escape the uneven level of experience between performers within the rocky storyline that quickly forms.

Improv Actually has its hiccups, yet still manages to bring sweet scenes that will make you laugh and if you let it, it may even hit you right in the feels. Actually

Improv Actually by Cambridge Impronauts
at the Gilded Balloon Teviot 13:15