Danny Lobell : Broke as a Joke

By Ron Bingham
Broke As A Joke

Danny is a self-described Scottish / New York Jewish comedian and his show is a look back at his youth in and around New York. Unfortunately the Scottish part of his heritage is dismissed early on after one quick joke.

We hear about his father’s penchant for a discount and getting the the best deals around, Danny’s youthful flirtations with a credit card and the consequences when Christine from the debt collectors starts calling. Danny then tells of his start in stand-up comedy, being mentored by the great Jackie Mason, living in a cockroach infested apartment in New York, bad business decisions involving Cornish hairless cats and chickens, a coda of his move to LA and domestic bliss and a message of the importance of living one’s dreams.

The room is small but cosy and the audience were vocal in their appreciation of Danny’s comic timing. Danny is an engaging and cheerful storyteller who gives an hour of fine comedy. Nothing too rude in the routines or their telling, although a bit of the stuff about working the Catskill circuit may be lost on some people.

Broke as a Joke is on at theSpace @ Jury’s Inn until August 25