Isa Bonachera : Wow!

By Ron Bingham

Isa starts her show with a couple of physics jokes courtesy of her failed PhD in physics. She then launches into a show about her youth in the south of France before moving to Michigan for high school and university, then to the UK after a number of setbacks and an incident in a nightclub. Isa has a number of amusing stories to tell, about learning to sail, saving someone from drowning, a cheating boyfriend and other relationship problems, and the problems with deciding to study for a physics degree.

My problem with the show is that Isa has a very strong Spanish accent mixed with some midwest US, which meant I had to concentrate too much on what she was saying to find time to laugh at the appropriate times. Her delivery is also much too fast (possibly nerves), which means she was treading on her own punchlines and the audience were getting left behind. Which is a pity, as many of the stories of her life were amusing. With a slower, more measured delivery this show would be able to reach its full potential.

Wow! is on at Underbelly, Cowgate until August 27