5 Good Reasons to see Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

1. I guarantee you’ll never look at your old cuddly toys the same way again.

2. Monogamy is soooo last century, multi-love is what all the cool, trendy kids are doing! Well… maybe not the kids, that would be wrong… you know what I mean.

3. I promise I’ll touch you and make you feel things you never thought were possible (within a theatrical setting)

4. You may get to go on the biggest most inclusive date of your entire life and meet the love of your life, and that love might be me – but everyone else in the audience might feel the same way… so things could get complicated… but we’ll work it out, because we’re consenting, consensual adults!

5. Because sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody’s doing it, but everybody should.

Erotic Intelligence for Dummies is on at Arts House – Underground from September 16 to 22