5 Good Reasons to see Ben Volchok Presents…

1. Comedy radio plays, live on stage! Thrilling! Exciting!

2. I do all the voices. Yes, even that one.

3. One episode involves spies and counterfeit money and the other one has Satanists and disappearing buttocks.

4. If you’re a fan of The Goon Show or Hancock’s Half Hour or any of the classic radio comedies, you’ll enjoy Ben Volchok Presents…. This style of humour is very close to my heart and I’ve attempted to channel my love of these wonderful programmes into my writing. There’s lots of quick dialogue, absurdity and wordplay.

5. It’s very, very silly.

Ben Volchok Presents… is on at Howey Downstairs & The Butterfly Club – Downstairs from September 23 to October 1