5 Good REASONS To See Jordan Barr: HOW TO BE SEXY

1. It’s at the perfectly reasonable time of 7pm. So you can get dinner before or afterwards and once the show is over there’s still plenty of time left in the evening to catch other acts during the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

2. This show refers to Sandra Sully TWICE (one time is obvious – the other is an Easter egg).

3. It’s full of 80’s bangers that’ll fill you with joy and adrenaline.

4. How To Be Sexy is a cathartic ‘fuck you’ to beauty standards set by the patriarchy.

5. The bar in the foyer is also a fantastic cocktail bar so you can have a lil cocktail while you have a lil giggle.

How To Be Sexy by Jordan Barr is on at The Butterfly Club April 6 – 15