5 Good Reasons… to see The Very Good Looking Initiative: Let’s Get Practical! Live

1. We’re pretty sure Let’s Get Practical! Live is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s most anticipated talk show.

2. Its hosted by Mr Practical himself, the charismatic Elliott Gee. He’s got the hair, the smile, that killer tan. He’s wearing a fresh new suit and he’s bursting at the seams with one award, and another two nominations under his belt. He’s back!

3. The show will be performed Live. Yes, it’s completely LIVE. LIVE from the Tower Theatre in one of Melbourne’s top venues, the Coopers Malthouse!

4. It’s at the sexy time of 9.30pm. It’s late, but not too late. It’s perfect. You’ll make it to the gym, be able to cook a six course dinner, and still have time to gaze into your lovers eyes. Then jump on a tram or a train and take the scenic route to the Coopers Malthouse, grab a drink, and then it’s non-stop entertainment all night long with the biggest names around. What a night!

5. If you’ve ever had anxiety. See it.

The Very Good Looking Initiative perform Let’s Get Practical! Live at The Coopers Malthouse