5 Good Reasons to See Pickup: #PickUp

1. Do you have a burning question that you’ve been to afraid to ask your friends? Do you have a burning desire to discuss fisting? Are you experiencing burning sensations when you pee? You can text us live during the show and ask us questions anonymously that we will answer live (If it burns when you pee then the answer will be: See a doctor!)

2. We play original, live music with two part vocal harmonies, electric guitar and electric ukulele

3. The show is inclusive, sex-positive, feminist, and joyously celebrates sex in all it’s consensual forms.

4. It’s funny. Like, really funny. Like a reviewer said “the most hilarious show I’ve seen at Fringe” – Out in Perth. I mean, it’s a comedy festival, so… it probably should be funny… which it is… yeah…


Colin and Alia are Pickup and they perform #pickup at Tasma Terrace March 27 – April 8