5 Good Reasons To See Victorian Avant-garde Artists Society Presents…

1. It’s different, ever been to a play or performance arts piece and thought “God, this is wanky”? That’s what we’re taking the piss out of. Which is different to anything else you’ll see at this year’s comedy festival or anything you’ll have ever seen at any other comedy festival.

2. At an undisclosed time during the show, we will share a set of coordinates that may or may not lead to hidden treasure.

3. It’s new, and it’s new every night! Our cast contains some of Melbourne’s finest improvisers who’ll improvise a fifty minute never before seen comedy play every single night for two weeks!

4. The show will make your eyeballs pop out of their sockets and roll away from you into a fresh olive salad, where they will be enjoyed by a hungry vegetarian named Dustin who likes to crochet.

5. Our videos, we’ve made heaps of weird and hilarious avant-garde shorts, they’ll introduce you to our ensemble, give you a great idea of our humour and aesthetic, and make you want to come see our show.

Victorian Avant-garde Artists Society Presents: runs at Tasma Terrace from March 27 – April 8