5 Good Reasons To See Oliver Cowen & Kayla Hamill in The Tales of Witchmen

1. It’s a very funny show! Plus, the disproportion in Kayla and Oliver’s height is strangely arousing to look at.

2. You don’t have to think too much! WE do all the silly so YOU just have to do all the laughy.

3. There’s something for everyone! Including songs, raps, inspiring dance sequences and A CABBAGE HAT.

4. It is performed by incredible actor-comedians! Oliver has an actual moustache right under his actual nose on his actual face. And Kayla can cry on cue*.
*if she were to trip over and graze her knee badly prior to the cue

5. It starts at 10pm, which means it’s the BEST way to end your night full of comedy, with MORE COMEDY!

The Tales of Witchmen is on at The Butterfly Club from March 27 to April 1