5 Good Reasons to see James Hazelden’s 12A

1. Black is the new comedy. If you need a change from standup comedy, 12A offers you a much-needed alternative. It’s a darkly funny theatrical play about murder, cowardice, betrayal, superstition and real estate.
2. It has jokes but it’s also weird. And unsettling. And tense. Like a good thriller. With jokes. Weird jokes.
3. It’s written and directed by James Hazelden from Man Bites God, Mystery Radio Theatre and the Theatre of the World podcasts, so if you’ve liked any of that stuff, you’ll like this.
4. It stars Brose Avard (Darren & Brose), Nicholas Roy (The Voice), Chris Tomkins (Man Bites God), Emily Carr, Fleur Murphy and Vaughn Rae. They’re an immensely talented group of comedic actors and performers.
5. It’s performed in the iconic La Mama Theatre – the centre of Melbourne’s underground, subversive theatre movement for the last 50 years.
12A is on at La Mama Theatre (205 Faraday Street, Carlton)
18 April to 22 April – 5 shows only. Book early.