5 Good Reasons to See Ethan Andrews – The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be

1) Festivals are for seeing up and comers, not just TV stars. The feeling of discovering a new act is a joy you just don’t get watching the big names. Also, in 2013 someone vomited on Ethan during Arj Barker. This will not happen in this show.

2)This pre-show playlist is great. To get you hyped, check out this playlist of tracks that inspired The Youngest I Am Every Going To Be.

3) Ethan is the only comedian in this year’s festival who can boast having grown up in the town with the highest ratio of men to women in Australia.

Reason number four? More like reason 4.5. That’s how many stars the show got from Tulpa Magazine. “If you see one comedy show this season, I strongly recommend this be it.”

Reason number five? More like reason 5:30. At the happy-hour friendly time of 5:30pm and with shows running at Tasma Terrace all night long, The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be is the perfect first course in a comedy banquet.

The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be is on at Tasma Terrace until April 22