5 Good Reasons to See Marcel Lucont’s Whine List

1. Future generations will gather round to ask which night of Marcel Lucont’s Whine List you attended during it’s all-too-brief two-week run, and what occurred. While those who were too late to buy tickets will weave false stories, you must be one of the ones spreading the truth and sharing these tales of comedic majesty.

2. Current generations will call you a dick if you do not.

3. Si vous lisez ceci, vous êtes déjà plus qualifié pour voir ce spectacle que la plupart de vos compatriotes, qui ne pouvaient pas faire la différence entre une baguette et un bateau.

4. When has a journalist ever lied to you?
“A must-see” – Herald Sun. “An absolute must-see” -The West Australian. “An essential Fringe show” – The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe. “One of the highlights of this Fringe” – EdFringe Review. “Very clever” – Squirrel Comedy.

5. Society probably does not have much longer left, enjoy this peak of human culture while you can. Then begin work on your bunker. Again.

Marcel Lucont’s Whine List is on at The Cooper’s Malthouse – Beckett Theatre until April 22