Sophia Stanley – 101 Texts Not to Send to Jarrod

By Hooi Khaw

Sophia Stanley makes a stellar debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with 101 Texts Not to Send to Jarrod. Stanley’s natural comedic instincts have the audience onside immediately, making the audience willing to indulge in the weird fun that Stanley brings to the stage.

Stanley is a natural performer, making it hard to believe that this is her first show; she paces the stage with comfort, and her delivery is conversational and engaging.

Her show is a mix of witty observations, real life stories (many about her hilariously ridiculous relationship with Jarrod), and absurd extrapolations of these. She paces her show well with sketches, and intermittent crowd work.

It seemed that a number of her friends were in the audience this night, and she made several comments directed at them, which did not land as favourably with the wider audience. Without knowing the specific individual, it’s easy for the audience to feel left out of these jokes. This is easily forgiven though, as she had the crowd in stitches for most of the show.

With a style distinctively her own that is as clever as it is surprising, she keeps you on your toes with the punch lines, and guarantees a good laugh.

101 Texts Not To Send To Jarrod is on at Loop Project Space & Bar.