Adele Cliff – Sheep

By Ron Bingham

Up and coming comedian Adele Cliff is the oldest of three girls, from Cambridge, extremely competitive, hugely talented and was once compared to a sheep (Aha!).

Sheep details significant moments in Adele’s life, why she is the best in her family despite not being the highest achiever, but mostly why she is (or is not) like a sheep. Adele’s comedy is witty, smart and engaging, and includes a significant number of puns (which means it’s brilliant or terrible, depending on how you feel about this art form).

Adele talks about her biology degree and how she was a regional champion at diving (until her younger sisters came along and went one better), how the primary school playground can be a battlefield where the ones left behind often become traitors, and that herding one sheep is easy, but five…..

This was an absolute delight of a show, with Adele being a pleasant, friendly and smart comedian, with a lateral twist for some truly appalling puns. She has clearly been working her butt off at stand up and has put together an impressive, tight hour of laughs. The room may be a little whiffy (it IS in a cave despite the pretty curtains and fairy lights), but the show is a delight from start to finish. You have the option of buying a ticket or adding a donation at the end of the show.

Sheep is on at Just the Tonic at The Caves until August 26