Lucy Porter – Pass It On

By Ron Bingham

This is Lucy Porter’s twelfth show at the Edinburgh Fringe, and Pass It On focuses on ageing, especially menopause and the steady inevitable approach of death for all of us. Lucy explains in her introduction that this is not really a show for the younger people but is perfectly suited for a middle-class middle-aged audience demographic. I can’t help but take this a little personally but I really enjoyed Pass It On.

Lucy is very comfortably dressed in a top, sparkly cardigan and relaxed jeans – this is all intentional of course – and there is a lot of explanation, particularly about the jeans. On the stage are some knick knacks which are also explained as the show progresses. We hear about Lucy’s kids and other parents at their school, the recent death(s) of her parents and her work. We are treated in great detail to the symptoms and effects of menopause in a middle aged woman with latent anger issues. Middle age sucks, but despite the scary sounding subject matter, Lucy makes it all bloody hilarious.

Lucy is a very skilled story telling comedian. Her style is a bit like she’s invited us all over for coffee and cake and we’re hearing all the latest gossip from her. Lucy’s very relaxed and flowing style, brimming with confidence, and some very funny stories, made the hour fly by. Always a must-see performer, and this show is selling out fast.

Pass It On is on at Pleasance Courtyard until August 26