Charmian Hughes – Bra Trek

By Ron Bingham

Charmian Hughes is hosting her show in a tiny room (it IS called the attic), which can get quite hot, but she does provide a jug of water for anyone who may need it. Bra Trek (directed by Jessica Fostekew) is based around the problem of finding the right bra, which is then extrapolated out to fitting into society’s expectations and finding one’s place.

We hear comical tales of Charmian’s childhood, school friends and her family. There are also a couple of fairy tales, including Cinderella, which are amusingly analysed and then retold for a more modern time. There is also a bit about how nobody likes girls with big boobs (according to her sister when she was 12) and the horrors of getting one’s first bra. The set is brightly decorated with paper cut-outs of bras festooned across the backdrop. This suits the show’s bright and cheery tone.

I will admit sections of the show were hard for me to relate to, not being a girl with boobs, but Charmian is an engaging and experienced story teller and on the whole Bra Trek was a fun and entertaining 50 minutes.

Bra Trek is on at Laughing Horse @ The Counting House until August 26