5 Good Reasons to see FUCKBOYS THE MUSICAL

1. 1 out of every 5 friends is a fuckboy. If you can’t pick one out of your friend group, it’s probably you. But what is a fuckboy? Lucky for you, we’ll teach you all about them.

2. It’s a show written by women, for mostly women, or men who aren’t fuckboys. Or men who are, but don’t know it yet.

3. There are terrible pick-up lines scattered throughout the entire show so really, it’s also a master class in modern dating. You’re welcome.

4. If you like comedy, great music, and a story about empowerment through sisterhood, this show is for you. If you don’t like any of those things, then this show is about beer, football, and what it means to be a BRO. I think it’s safe to say we know our brand.

5. We have a blow-up doll.

FUCKBOYS THE MUSICAL is on Tues – Sunday 18-23 September at the Lithuanian Club