5 Good Reasons to See Dazza and Keif Go Viral.

1. If you lost a part of your soul the day Nollsie was robbed of Idol ’03, you’ll get it back at our show.

2. A twist on traditional drag, this duo forego glam lipstick and lashes for wrap-around sunnies and reflective tracksuits.

3. If you like to smash the patriarchy while smashing a tinnie

4. If you want to laugh so hard you develop a six pack and V-Lines and we aren’t talking about drinking VB on the train to Bendigo

5. If your bedroom breakdance moves are ready to be unleashed

Dazza and Keif Go Viral starring Danni Ray and Keely Windred is on at The Coopers Malthouse Mar 28 – Apr 7 (Not Mondays)