5 good reasons to see JESSTATION

1. Jess is pioneering the new genre of “Mum jokes”, which are like Dad jokes, but funny.

2. JESSTATION is a show about parenting. If you’re a parent, the show will make you feel good about parent stuff. If you aren’t a parent, there is still a lot to love: wrong comedy, cute comedy, dirty comedy, pun comedy, political comedy, prop comedy.

3. There is only a little bit of prop comedy.

4. The show is at the East Melbourne Library, so this is your chance to laugh loudly in a library without getting in trouble. (And the Tippler and Co is around the corner, so you won’t have to sneak in your snacks and drinks).

5. Jess’s friends are all coming and they are really nice and you might get to sit next to one of them.

Jess Moir performs  JESSTATION for 6 nights at East Melbourne Library

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