5 Reasons to see PAQUITO by Charisa Bossinakis

1. I promise to only use the word ‘woke’ once

2. You get to hear about the time I fled from an abductor in Cuba

3. My material is relatable (refer to number 2)

4. Every time you buy a ticket to my show, somewhere a fuckboi is destroyed

5. Does anyone know how to get red wine out of a white top? I know it’s unrelated, but I just thought I would reach a few more people posting on here rather posting on Reddit. I mean I did post on Reddit already, but only 1 person got back to me and said you can get it out with salt?? however, I tried and that didn’t really work. I don’t know if you can comment under this thing, but if so, please let me know. Also, the show is good fun!!