5 Good Reasons to see Alex Ward No Flirting

1. You’ll see someone not currently living in the 90s say ‘Deal with it’ (warning: you may not deal)

2. You get to see a screen capture of my phone. What was my battery life on October 30th? You’ll have to come to find out! You won’t believe the answer!

3. I have a joke about annoying small talk. Bring that friend who always makes boring weather chat, when I do the joke, point them out and I’ll look them dead in the eyes and not speak for one whole minute.

4. You’ll get out of the house which is always nice and a good motivator to shower too! (please sit at the back if you don’t shower)

5. You’ll fall in love…probably…maybe…just come to the show!

Alex Ward performs No Flirting at Trades Hall (Not Wednesdays!)