5 Good Reasons to See Murder Village : An Improvised Whodunnit

1. Do you like or love Agatha Christie, Johnathan Creek, Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders, or any whodunnit that depicts horrible, gruesome murders with the general tone and whimsy of an episode The Great British Bake Off? If so, we’ve got the horrible, gruesome murder Melbourne Comedy Festival show for you.

2. This is the only chance you’re likely to get in your life to step inside a 1950s Agatha Christie mystery – and bonus points are deserved, we think, for ensuring it is never the audience members that get murdered.
3. We’re making up an entire, overly-complicated Agatha Christie plot up on the spot. The cast is made up of many of Melbourne’s – nay, the country’s – best improvisers, including international impro champs Lliam Amor and Jason Geary.

4. You’ll be catching a show that sold out its run at last year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival. Money talks, we’re told. While there, Murder Village scooped up a heap of great reviews, included some that described it as, “The perfect recipe for murder” (Weekend Notes), “A genius hybrid between a murder mystery and a professional long form improvised format” (The Plus Ones), and “An evening where revelling in death and murder is turned into wholesome fun” (Stage Whispers).

5. You decide who lives and who dies! Your secret ballot at the top of the show will determine the killer and the victim, while still preserving the mystery so that you can have all the fun of working out whodunnit. Hint: it was (or was not) the butler.

Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit  is on at The Butterfly Club from Apr 12 – 21