5 Good Reasons to See Sophie Joske: Woman of the Hour

1. It’s classic Hollywood glamour, but weird.

Meet Cassandra Barbitol, an eccentric, deluded dame of the stage with a tale to tell. Woman of the Hour is her story: that of a faded but still glittering star. It’s the demented love child of Grey Gardens and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
2. One woman plays 35 characters.
Yes, I (Sophie Joske, writer and performer) play not only Cassandra Barbitoll but 34 other characters as well. There are no other actors, no set, no props, and no costume changes. Reading this I’m sure you can tell that that’s either very good or very bad. Either way, worth witnessing the spectacle. However:

3. It is really good.
I’m a weird theatre comedy professional and last year I got nominated for the Golden Gibbo, the year before that I was nominated for Best Comedy at FRINGE WORLD in Perth and I’ve sold out a bunch of shows there too. This show in particular is very good. It was only on for 3 nights in Perth and it got two five star reviews! That makes it a ten star show!4. It’s a feminist good time!

It’s surely not surprising that a show called Woman of the Hour has a strong feminist bent. It’s all about the roles women are made to play in performing their gender- in show business and in life. You get to laugh a bunch AND smash the patriarchy!

5. There’s a dinosaur.
Yep. Check it out.

Sophie Joske performs Woman of the Hour at The Butterfly Club April 1-11, 7pm