5 Good Reasons to See Dénouement!

1. Dénouement! is a good old-fashioned comedy/mystery play – a sublimely silly and frenetically farcical whodunnit from the makers of the Mystery Radio Theatre live shows and Theatre of the World podcasts.

2. Think of us as a nice change of pace from all the standup comedians in the festival. This is a play. With actors and everything.

3. As well as being a comedy, Dénouement! is also an actual murder mystery. So you are getting two kinds of play for the price of one. Shop around – you can’t beat that value.

4. This is something you can actually take your Mum and Dad to see. But you’ll also enjoy it. How many other things out there can you honestly say that about? Maybe two?

5. Usually when you see people die on stage during a comedy festival show, it’s a bad thing. But it’s very entertaining and funny when it happens during our show. Also we kill the actors for real every night. Not really. Just wanted to see if you’d read this far. Which you obviously have. Good for you. You’re our kind of person.

D̩nouement is on from Apr 4 Р7 at LaMama Courthouse Carlton