5 Good Reasons to see The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne

1. 2018 saw us sweep to 33 consecutive weeks of sold out shows at our regular Friday night home, The Butterfly Club – so, over 1700 people can’t be wrong, right?

2. Do you like Horror? Musicals? Romance? Then you’re in luck! Each of our Comedy Festival shows has a theme! Not only do you get the best bits of our regular improv extravaganza, but this year you also get a fun and whacky theme sprinkled into all our games. Allow yourself to be dazzled and tickled in equal measure by The Spooky Show, The Singing Show and The Sexy Show.

3. Our ensemble is jam-packed full of some of the most talented super-humans in Melbourne, who will be making ‘em up for HOO-HAA in between starring in their very own Comedy Festival shows. Me oh my, do they have some stamina! So go see Little Sketchbook of Horrors, I Made This for You, How Far I’ll Go, The Return of Grazie Fibonacci, Woman of the Hour, Mix Tape, Glanc You For Having Me, Rocky the Third, Murder Village and Rhyme Zone, and witness their brilliance when they’re not a facing off in a battle of improv wits.

4. You’re never the butt of the joke at The Big HOO-HAA!. We love audience suggestions to help us create the made-up magic on stage, but you will never be made to feel like the punchline of a cheap gag. We’re so happy to do the sillies so that you can sit back, have a good time and leave with your dignity in tact.

5. Our shows are on Monday nights when almost all the other shows take a break, which means you don’t have to choose between that so-hot-right-now star of the uber-successful Netflix stand-up special and us. You can do both! *High-five* So, what are you waiting for?

The Big HOO-HAA! is HOO-HAAing Big at The Melbourne Town Hall on Monday Nights