5 Good Reasons to See Taco Knight in A Knight’s Taco

1. Double Bass Comedy
Taco is the first double bass comedian in Australia! It’s also her first solo show, so come and check out some fresh meat.

2. Nine songs, a dance sequence and lots of stand-up
What more could you want?

3. Taco’s double bass is called Terry
He’s really nice, come chat to him at the bar. Speaking of the bar, Taco Knight is at the Butterfly Club which has an excellent bar with excellent bar-people.

4. All kinds of comedy
From self-depricating humour to diet social critique to absurdist comedy, Taco has it all. It’s an eclectic yet wholesome show. Like a cheesecake.

5. There’s also a rap parody
in which “ghetto” is rhymed with “Freddo”. For more hi-fi rhymes, come see the show for yourself.

Taco Knight performs A Knight’s Taco at The Butterfly Club 1-7 Apr