Daniel Sloss X

By Jess Welch 

If you haven’t seen Daniel Sloss yet, you’re missing out. Clever, cheeky and often “controversial”, Sloss is a comedic force and only getting better every year. Now in his 4th year of attending MICF, he’s become a must see for many and for good reason.

For such a young man, Sloss is making quite a name for himself. Though the same couldn’t be said for his shows. In the succinctly named X, following his equally eloquent and nebulous Dark, So and Now, Sloss tackles problems that seem impossible to make funny. If you know Sloss, you’ll know that this isn’t a new brief for him. In Dark and So (later renamed Jigsaw for the Netflix special) he talked about death and disability and relationships and love respectively. Having now broken up thousands upon thousands of couples, his shows clearly have an impact.

Like most other comedy, Sloss isn’t for everyone. But he definitely appeals to many, selling out all over the world, deservedly so. At the X show I attended, two women in the 5th row walked out about 20 minutes into the show. Admittedly, the first part of the show isn’t his most profound material, but it serves a purpose and if you trust him, the payoff is entirely worth it. I don’t know what they would have thought if they’d stayed, but I hope they would’ve thought the show was more than just jokes about genitalia.

Because X is a 90 minute show of two acts. The first part is the more traditional stand up fare. He discusses the well worn topics of sex and the differences between men and women. It’s not new ground for a comic to cover, but Sloss brings his own flavour and it’s a learning experience, no matter your gender. The second act is where Sloss shows his true form. Like many other comics, he discusses the Me Too movement and sexual assault. But his take on it is wildly different. I can’t say why or how, because that’s the journey you need to take with him, but it’s unlike any other show you’ll see. I teared up and I would be surprised if I was the only person affected that way.

It’s raw, it’s honest, it’s brutal and it’s uncomfortable. But it’s also not graphic, or victim blaming or inappropriate. It’s at times hilarious (the woman across the aisle was laughing so hard I thought she might hyperventilate), it’s also tragic and it’s perfectly done. With full respect to Sloss, it might be his show, but he’s not the ultimate hero. Sloss has a way of seeing and articulating things we all think, but in ways we never could. He covers well worn trails, but in new ways. It’s a rare gift and Sloss wields it with skill. When I saw Dark, I worried he couldn’t beat it. Then I saw So, then Now and now X. He is constantly surprising his audience and it’s incredible. He is getting better and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

While his Netflix specials are masterpieces, Sloss needs to be seen live to fully appreciate just how brilliant he is. If you can get a ticket, grab it and trust him. You’re in good hands. 

Daniel Sloss performs X at The Forum.

See website for details