Burger King Illuminati : 1 Hour Lo-Fi Comedy || Royalty Free

By Colin Flaherty

Sydney Sketch troupe Burger King Illuminati (Bruno Dubosarsky, Jacob Henegan, Liam Scarratt and Daniel Scarratt) made their first appearance at MICF this year and it was an brilliant showing. This solid hour of sketch was equal parts silly and dark that kept the audience in hysterics.

All the tried and true elements of sketch were present including recurring scenes, a plethora of silly characters and even a bit of Chekhov’s Gun complete with red herrings. Keeping with the Illuminati theme, amusing conspiracies were sprinkled throughout with a big revelation tying the show up neatly with a bow.

Sketches rushed along at a cracking pace with barely a break for applause. Downtime between scenes gradually increased as costume changes happened (not that they were elaborate get ups, just a lot of different hats / headpieces). Thankfully they pushed someone out on stage to keep us occupied with a quick joke.

The cast regularly broke out in song. These tunes were hilarious and perfectly crafted lyrically but none of the boys had angelic voices. On the plus side, this cringe factor could be seen as an extra giggle at the performers’ expense. I’m sure we weren’t much better when they gave us an opportunity to join in for a sing a long.

This foursome were mighty impressive, selling the material to the back of the room, working seamlessly together and demonstrating deft comic timing. All were great at hamming it up and inhabiting the cavalcade of wacky characters perfectly. Being in the sketch trenches for the past four years had certainly paid off.

Their tech person was certainly overworked with lots of backing tracks, snippets of music and video clips to coordinate with the action, many of them vital to the punchlines. Bravo to you and the talented guys on stage!

1 Hour Lo-Fi Comedy || Royalty Free is on at either Loop Project Space or the Tickle Pit at Rozzi’s until April 20