Ange Lavoipierre: Final Form

By Ron Bingham

Despite the dark edge to this show, Ange is a bright and perky performer who reflects upon her youth in Bathurst (sort of near Sydney), while trying to work out which aspects of her complex personality will be remembered by others at her passing.

Final Form contains stories of youthful enterprise (where she was engaged in mass slaughter  – of snails), her relationships with her family, friends and loved ones, being single, living life to the full, her passions and fears. We get the full gamut of emotion in an hour. Phew. There is also a bit of classical cello playing and some video screen action. I especially loved the seahorse.

This was Ange’s first show in Edinburgh, the day before the Fringe officially begins, so it was still a little rough round the edges as she got used to her performance space and the tone of the audience, as well as fighting a little jet lag. The room, The Wee Coo, is small and intimate so expect to be very close to the stage. There is a little audience participation, but the responses are scripted so it’s actually a lot of fun and the embarrassment factor is low. Once Ange has the room and audience sussed out (say, by the time this review is published),she will get into her groove and have an absolute hoot.

As well as the comedic stories, there are a few scary scenes, a possible haunting and some slightly freaky songs to round out the hour. Well worth the money and an excellent way to end the night.

Final Form is on at Underbelly, George Square until August 26