Polenta and Sage Take To The Stage

By Ron Bingham

This show is only on for five nights, and it’s away from the main venues (take the 23 or 27 bus to Tollcross), but it is well worth making the trip to see this perky pair telling us all about their lives, bedtime routines and dreams. Polenta and Sage wear brightly patterned pyjamas and nightgowns and have some entertaining props (including a very special robot). There are some very creepy yet upbeat songs and being very much on brand, we all get to have some yoghurt (Yum!).

This is a venue with wooden bench seats (no backs) and it sounded like there was a fight happening in the next room (we were in the basement of a Scottish pub after all). Despite these less than perfect surrounds, Polenta & Sage were confident throughout the show in both their wonderful scripted material and clever ad libs using some audience suggestions. They had a number of well placed props which worked well until they found that one of their bags had a hole in it and was empty (or was that part of the show?). I had a ball and felt this sterling surrealism deserves a longer run near the centre of the Fringe action.

The audience were very vocal in their appreciation and I can only forsee big things in the future of these two young ladies.  Part of the Free Fringe, so remember to bring a fiver to support this talented duo.

Polenta and Sage Take To The Stage is on at Laughing Horse @ The Cuckoo’s Nest until August 6