Vikki Stone: Songbird

By Ron Bingham

Multi-talented Vikki Stone sings well, plays piano brilliantly and exuberantly, has an excellent stage presence, and is very funny. Songbird is an excellent showcase of her talents and perfect for lovers of music, comedy (especially novelty songs) and pets.

The stage has a tiny (mock) grand piano, concealing Vikki’s keyboard and a few surprise props. Vikki arrives on stage wearing a bright colourful jumpsuit, to sing us songs about her partner, her gran, her best friend in the world, and a couple of wonderfully hilarious novelty songs. Introductions, explanations and stories around each song give context and plenty of laughs. There is a delightful surprise at the end of the show, one that all dog lovers won’t want to miss.

Unfortunately it started nearly 20 minutes late on the day I was there (not Vikki’s fault), which caused a bit of tension in the audience with a number of people hovering near the exit so we could sprint to the next show of the evening. This may have affected the ambiance somewhat, but no one wanted to leave, because she was so entertaining. The good news is that I loved Songbird and got to see all of it. She finished just in time for me to sprint to my next show. Excellent all round.

Song Bird is on at Pleasance Courtyard until August 25