Stephen K Amos Talk Show

By Ron Bingham

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon of Fringe, Stephen K Amos hosts a talk show featuring a variety folk from the worlds of theatre, comedy and music. These shows will be available later as podcasts on audible, so we had the airconditioners turned off as they interfered with the recording.

Today’s first guest was Australian comedian Nath Valvo, and we had thirty minutes of chat about his career, some anecdotes about his first trip to the Edinburgh Festival and an explanation of the word Bogan, although I can’t remember why Stephen wanted to know this. Very friendly and engaging.

Next up was German New Yorker Lucie Pohl, who had a running joke with Stephen that she was going to have his baby, although it turned out she planned to raise him in an octopuses garden, with which he wasn’t best pleased. On paper this description makes very little sense but it did in the context of the interview.

Guest number three was Indian comic Vir Das, who talked about the disappointment of his parents at his choice of career despite his success, working in Bollywood, and the joys of Edinburgh.

The musical artist of the afternoon was comedian Katie Pritchard who sang a little tune about the Roman Empire.

Stephen was a relaxed and entertaining host, although he was upset at the audience when we failed to meet his expectations for the recording. He really wanted a boistrous crowd but we were a little too genteel this afternoon.

Each day features different guests which are announced on Stephen’s facebook page ( It’s well worth popping in for a fun hour (and a bit) of chat.

Stephen K Amos Talk Show is on at Gilded Balloon Teviot until August 24